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Manuals and Specs

Chris King Precision Components are fully serviceable and built to last a lifetime. Please also see our Videos and Contact information for assistance. 

Bearing Service Instruction

Bearing Service
Bottom Bracket Bearing Service - Pictorial guide


Headset Instruction Manuals

InSet™ and 1.5
Preloader Instructions
GripLock Addendum
InSet Reaming and Facing Tool Manual

Headset Specifications

Traditional (NoThreadSet™, Gripnut™, 2Nut™)
DropSet™ 5 Headtube Specifications

Starting point from quick start page.


R45D HG Driveshell Identification

HG Driveshell Identification

Hub Instruction Manuals

Boost CL
R45 Disc Centerlock Hub Addendum
XD Driveshell Manual Addendum
Hub Engagement Technical Bulletin
RingDrive Lube Addendum
Micro Spline Driveshell Addendum

Hub Exploded Diagrams

R45D Rear 142mm Centerlock Gen 4 Exploded Diagram
Boost Rear 148mm Gen 4 Exploded Diagram
R45D Rear 142mm Centerlock Exploded Diagram

Boost Rear 148mm Centerlock Exploded Diagram R3
Boost Front 110mm Centerlock Exploded Diagram R4

Hub Tool Instruction Manuals

Universal Hub Tool Manual
ISO and Classic Service Tool Manual
R45 Hub Service Tool Manual

Hub Specifications and Wheelbuilding Information

ISO hub specs
R45 10-speed and Classic hub specs
R45 and R45 Disc hub specs

Hub Adjustment Guide

Hub Adjustment / preload pictorial guide

also see Preload Adjustment video on our video page


Chris King Wheels 

Tire Compatibility


Bottom Bracket Installation and Fit Kit instructions (r6)

BB Fit Guide / Chart

Archive Bottom Bracket Instruction Manuals

ThreadFit™ 24
ThreadFit™ 30
ThreadFit™ T47
Press Fit
Conversion Kit 1
Conversion Kit 2
Conversion Kit 3
Conversion Kit 4
Conversion Kit 5
Conversion Kit 6
Conversion Kit 7
Conversion Kit 8
Conversion Kit 9
Conversion Kit 10
Conversion Kit 11
Conversion Kit 12
Conversion Kit 13
Conversion Kit 14
Conversion Kit 15
Conversion Kit 16
Conversion Kit 17
Conversion Kit 18
Conversion Kit 19
Conversion Kit 20
Conversion Kit 21
Conversion Kit 22
Conversion Kit 23
Conversion Kit 24
Conversion Kit 25
Conversion Kit 26
Conversion Kit 27
Conversion Kit 28
Conversion Kit 29
Conversion Kit 30
Threaded Bottom Bracket (out of production)

Safety Data Sheets

RingDrive Lube SDS 
RingDrive Lube 2.0 SDS 
RingDrive Lube 2.0 EU SDS 
Performance Hub Bearing Grease SDS
Blue Grease SDS
Blue Grease EU SDS
Silver Grease SDS
SilverGrease EU SDS

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