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We believe in parts that last, building investment grade hubs, headsets, and bottom brackets that start with our legendary bearings. Fully serviceable and without compromise, our bearings get even faster with age. When other bearings wear out Chris King bearings wear in.

Bottom brackets are not disposable, at least ours aren't. Built to last, and backed by a
5-year-warranty, with bearings that get faster with age.

Built on the familiar BSA threading, the ThreadFit™ 30 takes you a step up to 30mm spindles.

Our parts are built to last. We offer a 10-year-warranty on headsets and a 5-year-warranty on our bottom brackets and hubs.

Keep your components running faster than new. We have designed our bearings so they get even faster with age.

We are incorruptible by passing trends and don't believe in obsolescence. If we've made it we still support it, and will continue to do so.