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Q: Is factory repair / service an option?
- Yes. You would have to send your product to us after you receive a Return Authorization (RA). Please click here for the rates and details.

Q: Can any bike shop service Chris King products?
- Most Chris King Dealers can service our products. The most basic service on our products can be performed using standard bicycle shop tools. In some cases they may not have the specialized service tools required to perform an overhaul of our hubs so it's worth checking first.

Q: What is the Chris King Lifetime Warranty?
- Our parts and bearings are designed to be fully serviceable, but if you actually manage to damage one, the King Lifetime Warranty means that we will repair any part that hinders the function of your component free of charge. See full details here


Headset and Bottom Bracket

Q. What kind of headset / bottom bracket is on my bike?
- With many different standards and iterations on bicycle model years from manufacturers, there is simply too many bikes in the world to list every make and model compatible with a Chris King headset. Instead, try using the headset / bb fit finder (here) to determine the right headset for your bike. You may also try your local Bike Shop or Chris King Authorized Dealer to see if they can help narrow down your specification.

Q: Can I replace the bearings in a headset or bottom bracket?
- The majority of the time the bearings can be serviced to achieve like new condition - See our guide here . If the bearings are beyond servicing then it is not possible to remove the bearings and you will need to send the headset or bottom bracket to Chris King and we can replace bearings for you. here



Wheels & Hubs

Q: Can I replace the bearings in my Chris King hub?
- Our bearings are designed to be fully serviceable and adjustable to achieve like new condition, but if you actually manage to damage one then replacement bearings are available. See service documentation here to identify bearings and service videos here to help.

Q: Where are your wheels built?
- Chris King wheels have been hand built in our in-house wheel department for the past 8 years.

Q: How do I install my disc brake rotor?
- If you are having difficulty installing your centerlock rotor to your new wheels, you may have to first remove (twist off) the adjustment clamp by loosening the bolt first with a 2.5mm hex or a T10 tool. You can see the adjustment video for when you put it back on. here

Q: How often do I need to service my Chris King Hubs?
- We recommend doing a basic level service (ring drive maintenance) on your hubs every 12months. (Video here )Depending on usage / mileage we recommend doing a full / deep bearing service to keep them in proper working order. Service videos can be found on our video page or on our youtube channel

Q: My hub feels loose, how can I fix this?
- The preload on the bearings needs adjusting, follow the guide here or the preload service video here



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