Chris King Precision Components are fully serviceable and built to last a lifetime. Below are product manuals and instructions, and we are here to help answer any questions you might have. 

To contact us please use our Technical Support Form, email us or call 503-972-4050


Bearing Service Instruction

Bearing Service

Headset Instruction Manuals

InSet™ and 1.5
Preloader Instructions
GripLock Addendum
InSet Reaming and Facing Tool Manual

Headset Specifications

Traditional (NoThreadSet™, Gripnut™, 2Nut™)
DropSet™ 5 Headtube Specifications

Hub Instruction Manuals

R45 Disc Centerlock Hub Addendum
XD Driveshell Manual Addendum
Hub Engagement Technical Bulletin
RingDrive Lube Addendum
Micro Spline Driveshell Addendum

Hub Tool Instruction Manuals

ISO and Classic Service Tool Manual
R45 Hub Service Tool Manual

Hub Specifications and Wheelbuilding Information

ISO hub specs
R45 10-speed and Classic hub specs
R45 and R45 Disc hub specs

Bottom Bracket Instruction Manuals

Bottom Bracket Fit Kits

Archive Bottom Bracket Instruction Manuals

ThreadFit™ 24
ThreadFit™ 30
ThreadFit™ T47
Press Fit
Conversion Kit 1
Conversion Kit 2
Conversion Kit 3
Conversion Kit 4
Conversion Kit 5
Conversion Kit 6
Conversion Kit 7
Conversion Kit 8
Conversion Kit 9
Conversion Kit 10
Conversion Kit 11
Conversion Kit 12
Conversion Kit 13
Conversion Kit 14
Conversion Kit 15
Conversion Kit 16
Conversion Kit 17
Conversion Kit 18
Conversion Kit 19
Conversion Kit 20
Conversion Kit 21
Conversion Kit 22
Conversion Kit 23
Conversion Kit 24
Conversion Kit 25
Conversion Kit 26
Conversion Kit 27
Conversion Kit 28
Conversion Kit 29
Conversion Kit 30
Threaded Bottom Bracket (out of production)

Safety Data Sheets

RingDrive Lube SDS 
RingDrive Lube 2.0 SDS 
RingDrive Lube 2.0 EU SDS 
Performance Hub Bearing Grease SDS
Blue Grease SDS
Blue Grease EU SDS
Silver Grease SDS
SilverGrease EU SDS


All Chris King products are fully serviceable.

Our goal is that no matter how many miles you’ve ridden, we can keep your Chris King parts providing optimal performance for years to come. We provide replacement parts for all of our products and do not believe in obsolescence. In fact, we have designed our bearings so that, as our angular contact bearing races burnish they get even faster with age. 

If you would like us to service your Chris King components we offer the following:

  • Front Hub Service $25 – Complete disassembly, inspection, and overhaul of axle and bearings, ensuring that they remain at factory tolerance. 
  • Rear Hub Service $50 – Complete disassembly, inspection, and overhaul of RingDrive, axle, and bearings, ensuring that they remain at factory tolerance.
  • BB Service $25 – Complete disassembly, inspection of cups, and overhaul of bearings, ensuring that they remain at factory tolerance.
  • Headset Service $25 – Complete disassembly, inspection of cups, and overhaul of GripLock and bearings, ensuring that they remain at factory tolerance.

After evaluating your parts, we will contact you before proceeding if there are any additional costs beyond the service.

For international customers, contact your local Chris King dealer/distributer for service/warranty requests.

Our turnaround time varies depending on season, but is typically under one week upon receipt of product. Service requests are processed as they are received.

To set up a service, you must contact us, inform us of the issue or request, provide billing and shipping address, phone number, and email. We will email a RA ticket to include with the return of the product. Any returns without an RA will be denied.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an RA request, you can use our Technical Support Form, email us or call 503-972-4050


We make long-lasting, precision components and we stand behind them. Our parts and bearings are designed to be fully serviceable, but if you actually manage to damage one, the King Lifetime Warranty means that we will repair any part that hinders the function of your component free of charge.  

See specific warranty terms here.


  1. Complete our simple Warranty Service Form and upload a copy of your purchase receipt.
  2. We will evaluate the quickest possible way for us to resolve your concern and service your part. These options could be:
  • We provide service instructions for you.
  • We refer you to a preferred King dealer for service or warranty repair.
  • We ask they you send us the component for service or repair.
  • You continue riding your Chris King Precision Component.

Customers outside the US will be responsible for shipping to and from Chris King. To reduce this cost and service time, we recommend contacting your regional Chris King distributor.

You are strongly encouraged to register your King Cycle Product on the website within thirty (30) days of the original date of purchase. Registration will assist us in processing your warranty claim and in expediting our response. REGISTER YOUR CHRIS KING PRODUCT HERE.


We understand that accidents happen. When they do, we want to do our part in helping you to get back out on your bike. We are happy to offer a crash replacement discount on all King Cycle Group-built wheels. This is a one-time offer per wheelset and gives you 50% off the MSRP cost on all rims and 25% off MSRP on all other necessary parts, to be determined at the sole discretion of King Cycle Group. Our crash replacement program covers our ENVE equipped wheels for five (5) years and our HED and Stan’s offerings for two (2) years.

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