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We live by the ideal that a product is not worth making unless you make it better. When developing a rear hub, many engagement systems were tried and the RingDriveTMprevailed as the best of the best.

The system consists of three primary parts: the Drive Ring, the Driven Ring, and the Driveshell (freehub). The design allows us to move the engagement mechanism inside the hubshell, inward of the large hubshell bearing, allowing it to have more contact area than a traditional freehub design, and better mitigate torque from the drivetrain. The Drive and Driven Rings are made of heat-treated stainless-steel and have 72-points of simultaneous engagement (45-points in the R45 road hubs). These provide ample, positive engagement, and are capable of handling a torque load of over 800ft/lbs, three times greater than other high end hubs we tested!


GripLock™ (US Patent 8662517) headset retention uses an isolated wedge system to separate headset bearing adjustment from steerer tube location, thus eliminating loose headsets on long travel mountain bikes while simultaneously removing any chance of headset inflicted fatigue on lightweight carbon steerer tubes found on modern road forks.

This is accomplished by isolating the thrust force that passes through the steerer tube from the bearing race that provides the radial force that preloads the headset bearing adjustment. In standard headset systems, this preloading wedge is affected by each impact that runs through the steerer tube making the headset more susceptible to coming out of adjustment. This is why a non-GripLockTM equipped headset will come out of adjustment in rough terrain or over a long ride; the wedge has been essentially hammered out of position. At the same time this hammering effect causes the wedge to clamp down repeatedly on your steerer tube. This repeated clamping could have an adverse effect on steerer tubes, in particular those made out of advanced materials like carbon fiber where it could potentially score and fatigue the steerer tube. By eliminating the effects of thrust force on a headset’s radial preload our patented GripLock™ system is the next generation of headset function and security.

Our Bearings

At Chris King, we design and make our own bearings in-house. They are the foundation of everything we sell, and producing them ourselves gives us full control over the entire process to manufacture bearings that are purpose-built for use in our components. This allows us to design products that not only perform better but also have greater longevity. Every single Chris King bearing is inspected and assembled by hand.   

Unlike common radial bearings, we build sealed angular-contact bearings that allow for adjustment as they are used. Rather than wear out, our bearings wear in; like a fine wine or a quality guitar, they get better with age. All of our bearings are user-serviceable without special tools.  Simply remove the snap ring and seal, clean, and re-grease the bearing for a lifetime of faithful rolling.

You rely on your bicycle. Your bicycle relies on our bearings.

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