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2024 Color Assortment

With the re-introduction of Matte Mango, our color assortment has now reached 10 colors! Click on the image above for a full screen version. Our current offering is comprised of:

  • Black (with a polished finish)
  • Matte Black (matte finish)
  • Two Tone Black Gold (matte finish)
  • Midnight (matte finish)
  • Red (polished finish)
  • Silver (polished finish)
  • Gold (polished finish)
  • Matte Turquoise (matte finish)
  • Matte Mango (matte finish)
  • 3D Violet (polished finish)

These colors are available for every component we make, with a few small exceptions. For more info, contact your local King dealer or our customer service team -

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