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Where the switch flips

As a company, Chris King is devoted to getting more people on bikes. Our General Manager Kirby, puts hours of time and energy into youth mountain biking serving as a mentor, a chaperone, and sometimes even as a race director.

In some of Kirby’s passionate event stories the idea of “experience changers” involving the kids AND the parents gets the highlight. Cascade dirt cup (CDC) are doing a lot to change things. 

As a background, traditionally events are put on by promoters. Locations are set, and local companies donate prize money or cash to help set up the event. Prizes and swag from cycling brands motivate the riders to enter. Volunteers play a huge part and are recruited to help with the setup and running of the course. This probably all sounds familiar.

To make it all work, promoters pack the event with as many category races as possible, and that makes for a long and often chaotic day for the racers and their parents, too. 

The Youth Enduros Series (YES) comes at it differently, thinking about total experience design, so everyone attending has a better, more relaxed, more fun time. The kids aren’t racing for swag or prizes, but because the events are fun. The parents buy in, because the race day is over by 2pm, which leaves the family some time for being a family. Going swimming, getting ice cream and hanging out cannot be forgotten. 

This is where the switch flips. Running an event where the parents feel a part of a smooth process. When the parents enjoy themselves, they’ll bring their kids along, and that makes it more likely they’ll show up for the next event.

And that is how you get more smiles in faces and kids on bikes.

Look out for the Citizens of Schralp team at future YES and Cascadia Dirt Cup events. The next one is in Hood River in October 17th. 


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