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Build Trails. Build Community.


 Sometimes it seems like public land comes with trails pre-built, somehow miraculously shaped by nature into the perfect flow trail or jump line, just waiting in the forest for you and your friends to ride. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Trails don’t build themselves. It takes people, a lot of people, putting in hours of work in all conditions to create the perfectly sculpted trails that bring those adrenaline-fueled smiles to your face. Trail builders make mountain biking possible. Without them, the trails we love wouldn’t exist, and all those rides that brought you joy wouldn’t have been possible. This is why we encourage everyone to chip in.

It doesn’t take much. The special thing about trail building is how community-driven it is. All it takes is a group of willing volunteers and a little bit of elbow grease to get new trails built and keep old ones maintained. We aren’t asking you to spend every weekend out on the trail with tools in hand. If you’ve never done trail work, sign up for one Saturday dig with your local trail stewards this winter. You’ll be surprised how much work can get done in one day, and how much fun it is. If you’re a veteran builder, bring a new mountain biker to your next build day. Welcome them to the community and teach them about how making trails is almost as fun as riding them. Organizing group rides isn't the only way to build community or hang out with friends in nature. Trail building is another opportunity to get friends together, share laughs, and make a difference you'll get to enjoy on the bike later as well. Sure, you could donate money instead, but your local trail advocacy group needs your volunteer hours just as much.

Our Trail Builder in Chief (and GM), Kris Bedsaul, leads by example and puts in countless hours of work throughout the year building trails and organizing a youth development MTB team. He actively encourages employees at Chris King to contribute as well, by hosting build days each year at our local Rocky Point Trails, where employees are able to skip work and do some digging. As a company, we also offer two extra paid days per year to each employee, if they spend those days volunteering - whether that means building trails or working with another non-profit organization making a difference.


So next time you ride past some folks working on your local trail, we encourage you to stop and ask how you can chip in. We promise you'll have fun, meet some fellow mountain bikers, learn a thing or two, and make a difference in your community.
In addition, we're contributing 10% of all sales from our Trail Badge Collection to the NorthWest Trail Alliance, to help them continue their legacy of trail stewardship. You can see that HERE.

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