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Like Minded: Tanner Goods


I am a fan of leather, it makes for quality long lasting goods and there is no denying the intoxicating primacy to its aroma. The stuff lasts forever, I have been wearing the same belt for 12 years, day in and day out, while scaling boulders or sliding under cars, the thing has held up.

Leather has been an important human resource for almost as long as we have been a species. In prehistoric times it was used in belts for our loin cloths and straps for our quivers, remember Otzi? Check out how integral leather was in the make up of his kit. Leather was around long before we kept time with sun dials and discovered the zero to help count grain while we worked between the Tigris and Euphrates.


A few weeks ago we had the staff of Tanner Goods over to the factory for a tour. They are a smart and inquisitive bunch and after the tour they offered to host us at their work space. We jumped at the opportunity and a few weeks later a couple of us were lucky enough to spend some time observing their production process. Wait did I say observing, I meant participating, we were going to make our own belts, a first hand and first rate production experience. We picked out the leather, stripped it, cut and punched the end and notches, dyed the edges and customized our buckles and buttons. All the while rattling off questions to the patient and exuberant Tanner staff.

Like anything that has been around this long, leather and leather crafting has seen its popularity wax and wane. Techniques developed and forgotten, a case could be made that for a multiplicity of reasons the demand for quality leathers goods has been in decline over the last century. Yet some of us will always appreciate a well made leather product. Sam and Mark recognized a dearth of quality producers in the market and after apprenticing under a master leather crafter combined these new skills with their strong aesthetic sensibilities, infusing each one Tanner product with a style that is both timeless and contemporary.


It was truly special to be able to see a young and growing company like this alive with creation. The entire staff is involved throughout the production, adding ideas, making changes, updating each part of the process. Mark and Sam have created something special.


We are big fans of locally produced high end quality goods, we take pride in our production methods and it is inspiring to visit more business’ creating products with a similar methodology.
Tanner has also worked alongside a well curated collection of other artisan makers through out the Pacific Northwest. Whether through collaboration or their own volition they continue to develop and expand their line while making sure that each and every product lives up to their own high standards.


Tanner has extensive information and tons of nice things to look at on their website, go there, learn about them and then trade your hard earned dollars in for their long lasting quality products.

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