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Fueling The Rogue Roubaix

Photography by John Watson


Last weekend Argonaut Cycles took a team of riders to the Rouge Roubaix (RR) in Louisiana. If there was one common theme in the images coming from this race it is that every rider looks completely shattered. The course is comprised of relentless rolling hills that take riders through a picky selection of less than ideal road conditions. For Ben Farver these factors made the RR the perfect proving ground for his newly released Argonaut Disc model, built out with a choice selection of Chris King components.

Ben, who is no slouch on a bike, brought along Portland crusher Tim Reinhart and the fast and always hilarious Jon Walrod to round out his team. In addition to the riders, Ben organized an all-star media team that included Brian Vernor on video and John Watson shooting stills. Head over to John’s site for more images from the ride or check out each the team member’s instagram accounts, @vernor, @johnprolly, @argonautcycles, @gentleman_john, @chrisdiminno, and @tareinhart for some great imbedded reporting.


There is no doubt that these guys worked up a serious appetite with all of the pedaling and button clicking that was going on. While most of the country is just beginning to see buds appear on trees the south is a sultry humid beast this time of year. Hydration and nutrition are key factors to success in any race and are paramount for traveling riders. Ben isn’t the type to leave anything to chance and to support his team’s efforts he hired Chris King Event Coordinator and Chef Chris DiMinno on as cook. While Chef DiMinno has been busy pulling together the details for our upcoming Gourmet Centuries he was excited to get down south and support these racers by cooking delicious meals that blend the pragmatism of sports nutrition with the refined approach of a practiced chef.

This race looked both beautiful and terrifying all at the same time and we can’t wait to learn more about their experience.


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