We go to great lengths to manufacture some of the most beautiful and precise bicycle components available anywhere, but our commitment to better cycling doesn't stop there.

We also offer a complete line of dedicated installation and service tools to make sure that your Chris King components are installed correctly and can be serviced properly for many years to come.

Our headsets are fine precision instruments with tolerances as tight as ± .0001 inch. To maximize their performance, proper frame and fork preparation as well as careful installation of the cups are essential.

Our Cup Press Tool and Base Plate Adaptors protect both bearings and races and assure that the cups and base plate get a straight start. Our hubs are designed so that all adjustments and most general services can be done with just two 5mm hex wrenches. However, for the full service shop (or those who just love to have all the tools) we have hub servicing tools. The Hub Cone Adjusting Tool helps with adjustment, while our ingenious, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable Hub Service Tool allows you to completely (and properly) disassemble and reassemble all Chris King hubs.