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Giving our customers the power to easily service our products is integral to the design and construction of our components. Maintaining strict control over the manufacture of each component allows us to create products that meet our strict self-imposed quality standards. In designing tools to work with our components we were able to maintain a high degree of serviceability with out compromising performance. Each one of our tools has been built to the same rigorous standards of quality and craftsmanship that are found in each of our components.

We offer a complete line of dedicated installation and service tools to make sure that your Chris King components are installed correctly and can be serviced properly for many years to come.


Headset Tools

Our headsets are fine precision instruments with tolerances as tight as ± .0001 inch. To maximize their performance, proper frame and fork preparation as well as careful installation of the cups is essential. Our Cup Press Tool and Base Plate Adaptors protect both bearings and races to ensure that the cups and base plate are properly installed.

r-f_ld_set_0.jpgCup and Baseplate Press Tools
: Chris King headset cup press tools and baseplate (also known as the crown race) setting tool adaptors protect your headset’s bearings and baseplate during installation and ensure that all press fits are even and straight.

Each set includes both press adaptors and baseplate setting tool adaptors for 1″, 1-1/8″, 1-1/4″, and 1.5″ sizes. Press adaptors are available for use with Bicycle Research™, Campagnolo™, Hozan™, Park™, Pedro’s™, VAR™ and many other headset cup presses.

Reaming and Facing Tools: 
Chris King reaming and facing tools ensure the critical bicycle headtube dimensions necessary for optimum headset performance and longevity. These shop-specific tools are designed and built in-house.

Chris King reaming and facing tool kits are available in two different configurations, each catering to a specific range of head tube sizes. Note that the Large Diameter kit requires pieces from the Small Diameter kit to function properly. Compatible Tool Stocks
 are Park Tool HTR-1 or HTR-1B

Small Diameter “SD” InSet kit:
 Reaming: 1-1/8” InSet (44.00 mm head tube ID) 
Facing: External bearing headtubes in 1”, 1-1/8” and 1-1/4”; 1-1/8” InSet (44.00 mm head tube ID)
Tools included: SD Reaming Tool, SD Facing tool, SD Head Tube Bushing, SD Reamer Stop Plate, Reaming and Facing Nut, SD Guide Cone

Large Diameter “LD” InSet kit: 
Reaming: 1.5” InSet (55.95 mm head tube ID)
 Facing: External bearing headtubes in 1-1/8”, 1-1/4” and 1.5”; 1.5” InSet (55.95 mm head tube ID)
Tools included: LD Reaming Tool, LD Facing Tool, LD Head Tube Bushing, LD Reamer Stop Plate, LD Guide Cone Adaptor

Hub Tools

Our hubs are fully serviceable, including the bearings, designed so that all adjustments and most general services can be done with either two 5mm or a single 2.5mm hex wrench.

hubtool_0.jpgHub Cone Adjusting Tool: Designed to help dial in bearing preload adjustment on both our Classic and R45 hubs. This anodized, aluminum, adjustment tool makes precise adjustments easy and quick.

Hub Service Tool: For the full service shop (or those who just love to have all the tools) we have hub servicing tools, designed to completely disassemble and reassemble hubs without damaging parts. Gently remove bearings and driveshell internals for complete service and reinstallation.

Our Standard Hub Service Tool is designed to work on our Classic and ISO hubs.

Our R45 Hub Service Tool is specifically designed to work with the unique features of the R45, R45D, and R45D Centerlock.

Bottom Bracket Tools

The Chris King Bottom Bracket is designed to offer season after season of smooth turning service. To ensure maximum performance we strongly recommend proper reaming and facing be done to the bottom bracket shell by a qualified bicycle mechanic prior to component installation.

For installation of the bottom bracket we offer the Chris King BB External Cup Tool. Our cup tool is anodized aluminum and features a 3/8″ socket drive and recommend use with a high-quality torque wrench. The spline interface is precision made to match our bottom bracket cups ensuring a secure fit during installation while preventing finish damage.

The Chris King BB Injector Tool is designed specifically for use with Chris King Bottom Brackets only. This all-aluminum tool is designed to be used in conjunction with many popular push-type grease gun systems by threading directly onto the gun nozzle. We also provide a zerk fitting allowing for use with a universal fitting grease gun. The injector tool is available in 30mm and 24mm varieties.