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Classic Front

No Longer In Production

Our Classic font hub, available in LF (Low Flange) and HF (High Flange), hasn’t changed much since its release over two decades ago and why should it? The hub combines elegant design and time-tested quality in a classically beautiful hub. Built with our legendary made-in-house angular contact bearings and precision machined parts, this is the first Chris King hub.

For those who need a hub with uncompromised stiffness we built the Classic High Flange (HF). Starting with the refined design of our Classic Low Flange hub we added a larger hub flange for increased strength and wheel stiffness.

Our bearings, available in steel and ceramic, have heat-treated, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously, with tools of equal wear to ensure perfectly matched inner and outer races. The quality and speed of our bearings is what sets us apart from the competition and they are what you will feel and notice on every single ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they get faster with age and all our hubs and bearings are fully serviceable for years upon years of demanding use.

The patented Chris King RingDrive with 72-points of simultaneous-engagement will get your power to the ground fast, provide unmatched engagement, and give you that legendary Chris King angry-bee sound.

  • Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA
  • 5-year built-to-last warranty
  • Legendary made-in-house bearings
  • Easily serviceable and completely re-buildable with our Chris King Hub Service Tool
  • Available in 9 beautifully anodized colors
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