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Santa Cruz has done an excellent job building cutting edge bikes with reliable and consistent standards. Almost all 2018 and newer Santa Cruz  bikes use our DropSet 3 headset, our ThreadFit bottom brackets, ISO AB front hubs, and ISO B rear hubs. And don't worry, If you ride a V10 or a Stigmata we've still got you covered.

Chris King DropSet on a Santa Cruz bike


With our patented GripLock, you'll never worry about your headset loosening or creaking.

Santa Cruz Reserve wheelset with red and black Chris King hubs


The Chris King RingDrive has 72-points of dependable simultaneous engagement.

Chris King ThreadFit 30 bottom bracket with DUB Fit Kit on a Santa Cruz Bronson.

Bottom Bracket

Fully serviceable, with our made-in-house bearings it's the last bottom bracket you'll ever need.

ThreadFit™ Bottom Bracket

$154 - $176

DropSet™ 3

Santa Cruz Stigmata, 2019

R45D Centerlock

Santa Cruz Stigmata, 2019

2019 Stigmata

With Matte Bourbon components.

No More Throw Away Bearings

Chris King bearings are angular contact and fully serviceable. These means that as they wear they just keep getting faster and smoother. To top it off they are backed by our King Lifetime Warranty! No need to keep buying bearings and throwing your old ones in the landfill.

DropSet™ 3

Santa Cruz Tallboy 2019

2019 Tallboy 

With Violet components

DropSet™ 3

Santa Cruz Tallboy 2019

Reserve Wheels

When racing the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup the Santa Cruz Syndicate only rides the fastest and most dependable parts available. With bearings that wear in, not out, Chris King hubs get faster every race.


The quality and speed of our made-in-house bearings is what sets us apart from the competition and what you will feel on every single ride.  Chris King bearings are designed to burnish as you ride and get faster and faster with age. 

Most teams that ride other brands' hubs will replace bearings before every race. The Santa Cruz Syndicate will race on Chris King hubs and bearings that have been trained on for years with hundreds of hours of riding. We use extremely high quality materials and design our bearings to improve with use, rather than wear out like common bearings. Riding King bearings polishes the races rather than pitting and wearing them out. This means that when you ride King parts they will get faster with every ride.

Chris King bearings are not disposable because we don't want you to add the the landfill and have to buy something again. We want you to get it once and enjoy riding it. That's why we back all of our parts and our bearings with the King Lifetime Warranty.

The Reserve 30 are designed to debunk the myth that carbon wheels are not for mountain biking. Backed it with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, Santa Cruz set strength and impact resistance as their highest priority, but strength doesn't have to mean uncomfortably stiff. Reserve rims are compliant and responsive. Everything from the thickness of rim beads to external spoke hole reinforcements comes purely from Santa Cruz’ experience of knowing what riders need, from international racing to your local trails. 

Available in 5 widths; 22, 25, 27, 30, and 37, we have the right wheels for any bike and tire combo you could want.

DropSet™ 3


King Lifetime Warranty 

We stand behind everything we make and all of our parts are backed by the King Lifetime Warranty. We build parts to last and we mean it, every Chris King part is covered, including our bearings.

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