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RingDrive Lube 2.0

Product image 1RingDrive Lube 2.0
Product image 2RingDrive Lube 2.0

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Why We Make This

You wouldn’t make your own pasta from scratch and then pour jarred sauce on it. So yeah, the kind of people who make their own bearings also formulate their own lubricants. It’s kinda who we are.

Why You Want It

RingDrive™ Lube 2.0 is a nano-particle lubricant engineered by Chris King to further reduce resistance and wear in your Chris King rear hub. A nano lubricant is one that is lubricious (a real word) at its molecular level. In addition to lower resistance and a longer wear life, RingDrive™ Lube 2.0 improves performance in cold weather conditions.

To install, simply remove old lubricant and contaminants from your RingDrive™, Drive, and Drive Rings and apply 1-2ml of RingDrive™ Lube 2.0. Only a 2.5mm hex key is required to perform the service. 

  • Nano-Particle lubricant
  • Reduced resistance
  • Increased wear life
  • Improved cold weather performance
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