Photo Credit: Paolo Penni Martelli

This past Monday Biciclista annual Rockville Single Speed Cyclocross Race happened on the beautiful grounds of a North Italian villa. Yes the race happens on Monday. In Italy their holiday vacation period last a little longer than what we have over here in the states. Do you sense a hint of envy? I can’t deny that a few more days off work would be nice especially if they could be spent ripping around the grounds of an amazing mansion. Every year the Rockville draws an international contingent of competitors to race this unique course. This year Biciclista and the frame builder Zulloput together a small team for the race and we were happy to support this fun loving hard racing bunch with our components. As it happened Zullo riders Isacco Biurlei and Elena Martinello took the top step in the men’s and women’s categories. Video coverage of this years event has yet to be released so please take a look at Ertzui’s coverage of last years race to get a taste of this special race.


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