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Opening New Trail Systems at Sandy Ridge

This past Saturday the BLM opened a new trail at the Sandy Ridge Trail System and Chris King was on hand to support volunteers with our famous nut bars (the hand held snack not our storied employees). Through out the morning a horde of trail volunteers, full of energy despite the typicalJunuary rain, worked feverishly to tie in the trails final section. When the mud had settled Two Turntables and a Microwave was officially open for shredding. As payment for their hard work rolling rocks, cutting out stumps, and filling in massive holes the volunteers were greeted with temperature controlled shuttle runs to the top of the hill.



Despite the seasonably wet weather the new trail stayed in fantastic shape, a testament to the professionalism and efforts put in by all parties involved. By the end of the day mud caked smiles filled the parking lot and the atmosphere buzzed with reverent tales of close calls and hyperbolic recollections of gravity defiant moments. By all accounts the riding on Saturday was well worth the rain. If you haven’t made the trip to Sandy Ridge yet, do yourself a favor and get out there ASAP. Trust me it’s well worth the trip.


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