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Kindred Spirit: Cyclocross Fun From Aarhus, Denmark

Photo credit: Mikkel Bech

Chris King rider, cyclocross wunderkind, and all-around top-notch individual Joachim Parbo sent over a race report from the Danish cyclocross season opener at the Aarhus Velodrome this past September. We thought it would we be interesting to share that costumed good times don’t just happen stateside, a testament to the universal joy of cyclocross, or at least to the fact that the absurdity inherent in racing buffed out road bikes in the worst conditions imaginable spans across borders of sea and language. Enjoy.


From Parbo ~

Race report and pictures from the Danish Season opener september 6th 2014 at Aarhus Velodrome, Denmark

The Danish Cyclocross Season started a couple of weeks ago with ” Grote Prijs CK Aarhus III “. The race aspires to be a ‘complete cyclo-cultural experience’ and is our interpretation of US cross put back in the Euro context. We want to attract new riders and more audience by making it interesting for everyone and “remove the barriers” between elite racing, racing and spectators. Grote Prijs features Elites, Granny Cross, Live DJs, grafitti and craft and Belgian beers. People had a lot of fun – and the aftermath party lasted until 6 in the morning… : – )

The Elite race was won by Magnus Tholstrup Skjöth (Odder CK, DEN) who shot off the front from the gun and never looked back. He as followed by Czech rider Emil Hekele (Stevens Bikes Emilio Sport, Czech Republic) in second place, while Martin Larsen (Team WeBike DMK, DEN) took 3rd. Racepromoter, Joachim Parbo (DEN) managed 4th place. While Henrk Kirk (1900mtb) was 5th.

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