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Danny Summerhill's Take on CX World Championships


National Team member, UnitedHealthcare pro road rider, and all around nice guy Danny Summerhill raced Chris King R45s on his non-disc bike at the Louisville CXWC. After the mud had congealed we were able to catch up with Danny to ask him a couple questions about racing the World Championships on home soil.

Buzz – What was your over all feeling about the race? The crowd? The environment?

Danny Summerhill – The race itself was unbelievable, although on that Saturday I did not have luck on my side. The incredible amount of support and cheers rivaled that of many of the biggest stages of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. The environment was amazing with crowd cheering for everyone and supporting all the riders. I am extremely proud of the American fans for showing a huge amount of support. The Europeans were really blown away by the crowds show of support for each and every one of the riders.

Buzz – What were the main differences between this race and the other US Cyclocross races?

Danny Summerhill – Obviously the crowd was on another level. Maybe a couple thousand people would show up over the whole USGP weekend, compare this to the 12,000 plus screaming fans. Amazing. Such a huge difference.

Buzz – What were your expectations coming into the race versus your realizations leaving the race?

Danny Summerhill – Better results…. plain and simple. I had planned to race better then I did, but onwards and upwards from here I guess. Its not worth crying over spilt milk.

Buzz – Did you enjoy yourself?

Danny Summerhill – Racing aside, Yes I enjoyed myself, though during the actual freezing cold 60 min event I couldn’t think of any where I would rather be than in front of a fire with some hot chocolate.

We are looking forward to watching Danny and the rest of the UnitedHealthcare road team ride the legs off of the competition this summer all the while keeping the peloton well aware of their presence with the angry buzzing of our Chris King R45s.


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