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Before you email us, quickly scan these commonly asked questions and see if the answer you are looking for is here. If what you are looking for is not here email us and we'll get you your answer as soon as we can.

We take our customer service very seriously here at King, we make a point of having knowledgable and friendly people ready to answer your questions between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday. Please look through our website first. If you can't find your answer, send us an email. If it is truly a "right now" kind of problem (and we've all been there) give us a call, that's part of why we are here. Bike dealers, end-users, and bike industry people are all our customers and they all ride. We want all their King parts working their best.

What good is a great product without equally great service and support?


Want to learn how to service Chris King product hands on?

UBI is now taking registrants for their Chris King seminar in Portland, OR. This seminar gives the mechanic the necessary skills and knowledge to install and maintain all Chris King components. It will be taught by UBI teaching staff with assistance from Chris King technicians. Click here to learn more.