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When Chris King was still in Santa Barbara, CA and Chris was developing and testing the first rear hub, he took a stroll to a sidewalk chalk festival. As he tells it, he does not remember what the piece of art was but he knows he had stood and taken it in for a long time when suddenly the idea of the Helix Spline came to him. 

Rather than rely on springs to drive the parts together the Chris King Helix Spline forces the Drive and Driven Rings together when you pedal. This design means that when you pedal harder the Ringdrive will just be that much more secure. 

  • Fibers: 40% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 16% Poliamyde, 4% Elastan
  • Breathable and insulating
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Variable density weaves for excellent fit
  • Reinforced toe and heel for durability

S/M  EU 39-42  •  UK/USA 6-8
L/XL EU 43-46+  •  UK/USA 8-11+

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