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With road bike lineage the Base Racer is purpose built for diverse paths. Ready to take on pocked, gravel roads and feel smooth doing so.
Purpose-built for wet, cold, and muddy cyclocross races of the Pacific Northwest, our Cross Racer is a no-holds-barred cyclocross-racing dynamo.
With compact frame geometry and a contemporary race fit, our Road Racer is a modern crit machine, the perfect bike for the rider with a need for speed and a taste for steel.
The Cielo Road Racer Disc is built for speed with next generation stopping power, and a contemporary race fit, our Road Racer Disc rides like a Formula 1 car.
A steel frame road bicycle built to perform with elegance. Light and confident, agile and stable, quick and forgiving.
for R45 and R45D
40th Anniversary edition on stand


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