Classic Cross Hubs

Cyclocross bikes may look like road bikes but the demands they face are far, far apart. Perhaps it is best explained in the comparison of race experience. A road race? Three, sometimes four, hours of tactical pacelines, extended grinding climbs and occasional sprints. A cyclocross race? An hour of intense mud, barriers, breakneck speed and fork-stuttering braking only to be followed by the cruel fate of a high-pressure hose for post race clean-up. If you think you’re exhausted after a race, imagine the punishment sustained by your equipment.

Cyclocross is a passion here in the Northwest. We pour coffee every Sunday at the renowned Cross Crusade Race Series for hardened racers and rain-soaked spectators. And we love it. For these people we developed the all-new Classic Cross hubset.

This new hubset builds on the strength of the Chris King Classic hubset, our original hub design. We begin with the core of our reputation- bearings. We make our own surgical grade stainless steel sealed bearings in our very own building. Smooth-rolling, long- lasting bearings that keep the elements out yet allow you in to service any time you’d like. We spin those bearings on axles that run 19.5mm in diameter from dropout to dropout for maximum steering rigidity and frame stiffness. All-new aluminum hubshells with equal size flanges build durable wheels by keeping the spoke lengths even and short. Pair these hubs with deep-dish carbon rims, for example, and you've got the perfect mix of rigidity, mud deflection, and all- out start line cool factor.

Our patented RingDrive engagement mechanism keeps the power at full tilt so no matter if your remounts are smooth or rubber-legged hop- alongs, the first twitch into the pedals goes right to getting you closer to the line.

The Classic Cross hubset is available as a set or as individual hubs front and rear in 9 colors and in the options of 28, 32, and 36 hole drilling.