ISO 15mm

Chris King hubs are renowned for their lightweight performance, durability, and ease of service. What you don't often hear about is the modularity of their design. Chris' hub design is elegantly simple and remarkably adaptable to various dimensions of axles such as the newly introduced 15mm for use with the new 15QR standard.

15QR is a collaborative effort between fork and hub/wheel manufacturers to improve the security and performance of the front wheel by replacing the 9mm quick release with a 15mm thru-type axle. We took most of 2008 to review and test this system and we're satisfied enough to offer an axle option in two hubshell styles. As noted, this new axle is a natural fit for the time-tested King bearings already in use on the ISO front hubs and ISO 20mm front hubs.

Our thinking is this, perhaps you already have one of our hubs and you're ready to make the switch to a new 15mm fork. We're ready to support your first hub choice; the one already on your bike. We've got 15mm axles to replace your existing axle and convert to a ISO 15mm. Keep your old fork and you can always switch between the two. Not that you will, but you can...

If you're in the market for an all-new hub to go with your all-new fork we'll keep future options open for you. Choose our standard ISO Disc based system (SD) for the lightest 15mm hub that we know of. Or choose the ISO 15mm based hub (LD) and keep your options open to switch to a 20mm or 24mm thru axle fork. Chances are you'll stick with the ISO 15mm, as it's a simple and efficient system with lots of strength, but you’re always ready for change when you roll with King. Talk to the staff at your favorite bike shop or give us a call and we'll help with the decision-making. Here's a short course on our two options:

ISO 15mm SD
-Short travel oriented option
-164 grams (complete hub)
-Can easily swap to a standard QR axle
-SD: Small Diameter

ISO 15mm LD
-Super large bearing with 24 ball bearings per side for unparalleled strength & durability
-197 grams (complete hub)
-Can easily swap to a 20mm thru axle or 24mm Maverick American axle
-LD: Large Diameter
-Available now

As with all King hubs, the ISO 15mm in either shell option is backed by a 5-year warranty and is completely user-serviceable. Available in all ten King colors

Ceramic Bearings - Made in-house
We make our own ceramic bearings and we build them to the same exacting standards as our classic, time-tested stainless steel ball model. Pairing the corrosion resistance of ceramic balls with our proven sealing system allows for greater flexibility with greasing options. We build our ceramic bearing ISO hubs with a very small amount of silicone-based lube for a system with very low drag. Take advantage of our user-serviceable bearings and run minimal lubrication for the ultimate in race-day performance.

Stainless Steel Bearings - Made in-house
The ISO hubsets also have the option of stainless steel sealed bearings. As with every King bearing, these bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness.

New Adjusting Clamp

Bearing preload adjustment is now easier thanks to the new helper hole. Simply insert a 2.5mm hex key into the helper hole and use the key as a lever to turn the adjusting clamp. All hubs that use a one piece axle now have this new feature.

Axle Types

Converting our 15mm ISO front hub to a different axle standard is simple and easy. Our one piece axles are quickly interchangeable allowing you to easily transfer your Chris King equipped wheels between bicycles. Please refer to the Hub Specs Menu for specific axle compatibility.