ISO DH Rear Hub

Our ISO DH rear hub brings the time-tested reliability and performance of Chris King hubs to downhill and heavy-duty freeride bikes. Our hub is compatible with both 150mm x 12mm and 157mm x 12mm thru axle rear dropouts. These big bikes get into some serious situations but it's no concern for the ISO DH Disc hub. This is a Chris King hub, so you can expect legendary performance and durability.

The responsibly light 336-gram hub spins an aluminum hubshell on our proven 19.5mm one-piece constant diameter axle (through the bearings to the dropouts). Our patented RingDrive engagement mechanism has 72 points of contact ensuring nearly instant power transfer while ratcheting through rock gardens, setting up for a drop-off, or pinning the final run-out towards the line. RingDrive is also responsible for that famous King buzz. Who knows, maybe you can take off your bear bell now.*

As with all Chris King hubs, the ISO DH is completely user serviceable. Bearing preload can be adjusted without removing the wheel using a 2.5 hex-head wrench to fine-tune the adjusting clamp on the non-drive side. Thorough service can be performed on the hub bearings using a 2.5 hex-head wrench and penknife while our Hub Service Tool allows for full hub and driveshell disassembly and reassembly.

King hubs have a reputation for durability and just because this hub takes on severe conditions doesn't move us from our 5-year hub warranty.

We offer the ISO DH in 32 and 36-hole options in all 9 of our standard colors.

* For those times that you are pedaling, please leave that bell on. For your sake as well as the bears'.

Ceramic Bearings - Made in-house
We make our own ceramic bearings and we build them to the same exacting standards as our classic, time-tested stainless steel ball model. Pairing the corrosion resistance of ceramic balls with our proven sealing system allows for greater flexibility with greasing options. We build our ceramic bearing ISO hubs with a very small amount of silicone-based lube for a system with very low drag. Take advantage of our user-serviceable bearings and run minimal lubrication for the ultimate in race-day performance.

Stainless Steel Bearings - Made in-house
The ISO hubsets also have the option of stainless steel sealed bearings. As with every King bearing, these bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness.

XD Driveshell

Our XD Driveshell is Chris King’s solution for SRAM’s® one-by drivetrains. Available equipped as a complete hub or as an aftermarket upgrade for your existing ISO DH hub, our XD Driveshell gives SRAM® one-by users the legendary performance of our in-house made bearings and the unparalleled engagement of our RingDrive system.

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