Chris King SteelSet™

Our aluminum NoThreadSet is capable of handling tough trail conditions, even on big hit bikes. However, there's more to the definition of strength than just the survivability of a single part.

Longer travel forks apply substantial loads to the front end of mountain bikes and dirt jumpers simply punish their rides. We developed the SteelSet in response to the ovalized headtubes we were seeing at tech events on very nice, and most often, very expensive frames.

The SteelSet, available only in 1-1/8", is designed as a complementary frame component with stainless steel upper and lower bearing cups pressing a full inch into the headtube of the frame. That’s almost three times as much contact area as with standard headset cups. This extra deep press creates a frame and headset union that is tough to beat.

We also fabricate the bearing cap from stainless steel to better handle the higher lateral loads applied by dual crown and long-travel single crown forks. A stainless steel stem cap, stainless steel bolt and our proprietary star nut carry out pre-load adjustment.

A note about frames
In the years since we developed the SteelSet™, some frame manufacturers have added internal butting to their headtubes to add strength. A pretty good idea if you ask us. If you are considering a SteelSet™ from Chris King, please consult with your local shop about the compatibility of your frame with the SteelSet™’s extra long cup skirts. If a SteelSet™ won’t fit, go with a NoThreadSet™ in aluminum or titanium.