Sustainable Manufacturing

We are very proud of our manufacturing abilities. We can turn a bar of aluminum into a hub shell in about the same time it will take you to read this page. A bearing blank is made from a bar of stainless steel in the time it has taken you to read this paragraph.

Our manufacturing process, machining aluminum, steel and titanium bars, produces two things - responsibly light component pieces & a waste product called chips. Chips are the metal shavings turned off the bar as a component piece is formed on a machine. Chips can be short and broken such as corn chips or they can be long, thin and curvy like fusilli pasta. All the edges, nooks and crannies, and the surface of the chips hold machine oil that would end up being discarded or washed away once chips are recycled. So before we send our chips off to the recycler we make pucks. We take this last material handling step in-house right next to where materials first enter the building.

It takes 2 seconds of 400-ton hydraulic force to transform a scrambled pile of chips into a puck. We recover about 98% of the waste oil from the chips, filter it, clarify it and send it back to our machines to make more parts. The pucks return a higher monetary value from the recycler and also contribute to a better recycled product given that there is much less burn-off of material than from loose chips. Oil savings are significant, too, both in monetary value and in waste product kept from entering the environment.

Manufacturing isn't just about making the very best final product; it's about responsible management of the process through every step.

About our oil
Our manufacturing machines use a soy machine oil derived from domestically grown soybeans.

We source metal stock only from high-quality US and Canadian mills with verified responsible manufacturing and labor practices.

Made in The USA
100% of our manufacturing & assembly is done in the United States