Commuter Challenge

May is celebrated as national bike month in the United States. In many parts of the country the weather makes a change for the better and weary commuters are eager to get out of their cars and onto bikes. In recent times, workplaces have begun to support commuting programs for employees with special incentives for riders. The bike industry, as you’d imagine, takes an active position with efforts made in community support, media outreach, and even an inter-industry company challenge during May.

Several cities, though, have chosen other months to host commuting advocacy efforts and challenges. Among them is our hometown of Portland, Oregon. Each September, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance hosts the Bike Commute Challenge and the city famous for its bicycle culture turns it up another notch.

Here at Chris King we’ve decided to actively participate in both efforts. And Chris supports employees who dedicate themselves to this purpose like no other employer does. Let’s start with the infrastructure we have in place year-round:

  • Secure, indoor parking for every employee as well as a dedicated entry way for bikes.
  • Contemporary locker room facilities for men and women with private shower stalls and changing areas.
  • Lockers for every employee. Salvaged from an older building & reconfigured with a custom ventilation system.
  • Loaner bicycles, locks and lights available for checkout by any employee.
  • Route mapping advice and instruction from our commuting coordinator.
  • One-on-one meetings with all new hires to discuss transportation options and commuting strategies.
  • Commuters earn Cafe Credits towards food purchases in the King Cafe.

In 2013 Chris King paid out $33,883.15 to employees in the form of cafe credits. That means Chris King employees commuted 22,322 times with an average of 1,340 miles per employee over the last year. We crunched the numbers and discovered that our employees commute to work over 70% of the time by bicycle.

For each of the Challenge months in which we participate, (May & September), our employees are supported with Paid Time Off rewards

  • 2 full days off for riders commuting 100% of trips.
  • 1.5 days off for riders commuting 75% of trips.
  • 1 full day off for riders commuting 50% of trips.

That means riders commuting both months at 100% will receive 4 days of paid time off in addition to their allotted vacation time.

Since 2005 Chris has rewarded employees with over 1100 days of paid time off.