Hub Service Tool Kit

The Chris King Precision Components hub service tool is a high quality shop tool designed to completely disassemble and reassemble Chris King hubs. Though not required for basic adjustment or routine hub maintenance, it makes a striking addition to the full service shop for complete bearing overhauls. A hub cone adjusting tool and comprehensive technical manual are included in the complete kit.

The hub cone adjusting tool is also available separately.

Hub Service Tool

For all Chris King sealed bearing hubs other than R45 Road Racing Hubs

Anodized finish in Pewter and Red

Includes Hub Cone Adjusting Tool, Cog Spline Wrench, Spline Driver, 2x LD Guide Bushings & Driveshell Bushing Tool

R45 Hub Service Tool

A dedicated tool for R45 road racing hubs only

Anodized finish in Brown

Hub Cone Adjusting Tool included in anodized Pewter and finish

Hub Tool Kit: $179

R45 Hub Tool Kit: $179