I already have a Chris King headset, but am getting a new fork. Can I still use my old headset if I change attachment systems?

All of our headsets use common cups. If all you are changing is from threaded to threadless or vice versa, all you need is one of our conversion kits (see the NoThreadSet™, the GripNut™, the 2Nut™, or the Devolution™). Please give our customer service folks a call if you would like to place an order (800.523.6008 or 503.972.4050) or order on-line.

I just bought a new road bike and it uses an 1-1/8" fork. Which Chris King headset do I use?

Our headsets are not specifically 'mountain' or 'road'. We make every Chris King headset to exceed all standards, regardless of where you choose to use it. All you need to do is choose the attachment style and size appropriate for your fork. If you would like to use your old 1" fork with your new 1-1/8" frame, you do have the option of using our Devolution™ sized headset.

Are Chris King hubs Campagnolo 8, 9, or 10 speed compatible?

Our hubs are not Campagnolo compatible - they are designed with Shimano compatible driveshells. Though we don't endorse it, we've had good luck with the following:

For 8spd: Some companies make spacers that allow Shimano cogs to be used set to Campagnolo spacing. With this set up you should also use a Shimano chain.

For 9spd: Chris set his 9spd Campagnolo record bike up using 9spd Shimano Dura-Ace cogs and chain and it's been working flawlessly. There are also campy spaced spacers available to retrofit Shimano 9spd cogs.

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