Does the hub warranty cover radial lacing?

Not anymore. Too much additional load is placed on the weakest part of the hub (the flanges) and little is gained by radial lacing. It is not stronger than a 2X pattern and hardly lighter. Why do it?

What is the hub warranty?

Our hub warranty is for 5 years. If you have a potential warranty issue, give our customer service folks a call and we'll arrange a return so we can evaluate it.

What's the hub service tool for? Do I need one?

The Hub Service Tool is only necessary for complete service of the hubs (removal and reinstallation of all press fit parts). This service should be done every 6 months to 1 year depending on riding conditions (more or less may be required depending on riding conditions). For more information on hub maintenance and service, check our hub technical information page or contact our technical services (800.523.6008, extension 231) to talk through it and/or arrange service.

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