Chris King Waterbottles

Respect. Not something that waterbottles recieve a lot of. Used, abused and discarded after a year or less. (Just look at all those tossed aside during stage races!)

Especially since the inception of the hydration system. But despite the benefits of the hydration system, some of us would still rather not have a waterbed sloshing around on our backs.

It seems that all cyclists have at least a couple of water bottles that they never use because they are un-functional.

Not the case with the King bottles.

These bottles are keepers. A big screw-top makes it super easy to get in there with a brush to clean out the sports drink goop, fit big ice cubes in easily and it's just that much easier to get the whole scoop of drink mix in the bottle. Yup, they work with every drink mix scoop we've ever tried.

Other than that, it's just a waterbottle.
Price $9