Pretty and Strong 2011

Our Eighth Year
In 2004, Chris King Precision Components launched a limited edition series of pink headsets and hubs in an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer research. That first limited edition series of Pretty and Strong was a success and led to the return of the program in 2005 with an expanded line-up of products while still limited to just 4 months availability. Based on the success and positive feedback we received, we are pleased to announce that the Pretty and Strong program has been extended to a Special Edition Series available year-round. As of September 1, 2006, Chris King has added Pretty and Strong pink to its standard list of available colors.

We will continue to donate a portion of the sale of any Pretty and Strong item to breast cancer research.

You Could Ride to the Doctor's Office...
The second part of our program is to encourage our customers to skip a bike ride and bring themselves or a woman they love in for a mammogram or clinical exam during the month of October.

While breast cancer is relatively uncommon in women under the age of 40, regular clinical exams help reduce the chance of breast cancer going undetected. To help detect breast cancer early when the chances for a complete cure are the greatest, the American Cancer Society recommends that all women should receive mammograms every one to two years beginning at age 40 and every year beginning at age 50. Women 30 years old and older should receive annual clinical exams. Your physician is also a resource to advise you about diet, habits that you should end, change or improve to reduce your risk of getting breast cancer. There is some evidence that if people increased their fruit and vegetable consumption to at least five servings a day, cancer rates could be reduced by more than 20 percent.