Seal and Snapring Kits

While our sealed bearings carry an impressive reputation for durability, we respect the personal initiative of our customers to perform routine service. In fact, we encourage it. Once a Chris King hub or headset is disassembled to expose the bearings, replacement seal and snap ring kits can be installed using a simple penknife.
Kits include replacement constant contact seals and snap rings for our cartridge style bearings in Chris King front hubs, rear hubs, and headsets. One complete kit is necessary for each set of bearings serviced per hub or headset.

For information regarding bearing service, please visit our online Tech Service Manual (pdf).

Tech information is available on our site:
Hub Bearing Tech

Please contact us with any small parts questions: or 800.523.6008

Front and Rear Hub, Seal
and Snap Ring Kits
Price $7 front and $12 rear

Headset Seal and Snap
Ring Kits
Price $7 each

Headset Scuff Washers Price $2 each