Are Chris King hubs Campagnolo 8, 9, or 10 speed compatible?

Our hubs are not Campagnolo compatible - they are designed with Shimano compatible driveshells. Though we don't endorse it, we've had good luck with the following:

For 8spd: Some companies make spacers that allow Shimano cogs to be used set to Campagnolo spacing. With this set up you should also use a Shimano chain.

For 9spd: Chris set his 9spd Campagnolo record bike up using 9spd Shimano Dura-Ace cogs and chain and it's been working flawlessly. There are also campy spaced spacers available to retrofit Shimano 9spd cogs.

For 10spd: Wheels manufacturing has released a campy compatible 10spd cogset made from a Shimano Ultegra 10spd stack. We are concerned that the cogs ride too close to the drive side spokes. If you try this or use this, please let us know of your experiences. We will post results here as soon as we have them. We are not sure that it will work with our hubs.

If you want to try one of these methods as a possible solution, please test run it first (e.g., try a friends' Shimano wheel) and make sure it works to your standards! We'd rather have all of you Campagnolo users happy and riding someone else's hub than disappointed that you are on ours.