Why Wheels4Life?

Hans Rey is one of Chris King's longest running sponsorships. From the beginning, we have respected Hans' commitment to distinction and enjoyed his laid back style. He remains an encouraging voice on enjoying life's journey and applying the lessons learned. His passion for bicycling and his belief in the liberating power of the bicycle are unmistakable in the effort he has undertaken with Wheels4Life.

We believe this statement, taken directly from the Wheels4Life website, best explains our decision to support Hans and his efforts:

"We keep our administrative costs and overhead as low as possible. 90 - 95% of the funds received are going towards buying bikes. Everybody in our charity works on a volunteer level for free. We only have to pay some minimal bookkeeping fees to our accountant. Hans Rey pays for all his charity related travel expenses out of his own pocket. We keep the costs down as much as we can, in order to buy more bikes."
-Hans Rey