Masaka, Uganda project

Community Based Initiative for Rural Development (CBIRD) is a non-political and non profit local service delivery and research organization. It is located and operates within the poor/isolated areas in Masaka district of Uganda. CBIRD is devoted to activities that are directed toward improving the performance of rural primary schools to ensure sustainable development of rural communities. CBIRD engages in reconstruction of rural primary schools, promotion of equal education opportunities for girls and boys, men and women, provision of scholastic materials, supports games and sports as well as well music dance and drama in primary schools, capacity building, research and advocacy as well as poverty reduction.

An application was submitted to Wheels4Life in March 2009 by CBIRD expressing the need for bikes for school going children and adults who cannot afford public transport means on a daily basis. Additionally there are many who live in the Masaka district where public transportation resources are scarce. The bikes that were donated made a significant difference in each recipient’s life and many have been helped out of the chronic poverty cycle. Girls and boys, men and women benefited from the bikes that were donated by wheels4life. Many recipients have been able to complete their primary level and they are using bikes to generate money to further their education.

"CBIRD has established a good working relationship with the local community and two US based organisations: The Allen foundation and Wheels4life. These two USA based charities have played a significant role in helping CBIRD to implement their plans through provision of bicycles and school supplies such as reading aids, sports equipment and other support."

Bicycle recipient testimonials from the project manager

"Edward is one of the bike recipients. He used the bike to go to school from a distance of 8km. He is able to attend school easily and his performance at school improved greatly since he reaches at school in time."

"Annet benefited from the bikes donated by Wheels4Life. Annet completed her primary education last year. During the time she used the bike, her academic performance improved greatly to the extent that she was able to compete for the first ten positions in her class. During her holidays, she has used the bike to do some work which generates some money she will use for school fees next academic year. She shares her bike with her siblings that go to school."

"One bike is shared by two children that come from the same family. These children were travelling a distance of 9km to the nearest school. One of these children has greatly improved her academic performance while the rest have also showed a significant improvement. They use the bike to fetch water for which they are paid. They use the money they get from water they fetch to buy scholastic materials such as books, pens and pencils among other items."