Tandem Hubs

Over the years we've had many requests for wide spaced hubs by tandem cyclists who want both light weight and performance in a hub that can stand up to the abuse of 2 riders.

Rear tandem hubs are available in 3 axle lengths: 140mm, 145mm and 160mm.

The 140mm rear can use our Classic Rear hubshell or our Universal Disc Rear hubshell.

The 145mm and 160mm axles are both heavy duty, one piece and ultra strong. They come standard with QR adapters but Funbolts™ are available as an option.

Our 145mm rear tandem hub (shown on this page) uses our Universal Disc Rear hubshell to build a dishless, symetrical rear wheel.

The 160mm tandem rear hub uses our SingleSpeed Rear hubshell. The 160mm rear also builds a very strong, symetrical rear wheel.