Chris King 1.5 NoThreadSet™

Our 1.5 NoThreadSet is here!

After more than thirty years of being around 1" headsets, our 1.5 NoThreadSet sure looks a little strange. Who would’ve imagined back in 1976 that bike parts would evolve into this? Even more, who would believe we'd have the riding style that demands this type of equipment?

We took our time in developing a 1.5 headset. From the beginning we wanted the design to include all the qualities that have made King sealed bearing headsets so trustworthy. But we weren’t about to simply pump up a current design and call it a day. Any King headset has to be strong enough to live up to our 10-year warranty. That’s where we start. Next, it has to perform better than any other system on the market while, at the same time, being easy to maintain. Lastly, it has to look good and be responsibly light. Just having a big bike is no excuse for having a pig of a headset on it. All come with Sotto Voce markings, except for the black which you can get in Bright Silver or Sotto Voce logos.

We begin with stainless steel sealed bearings that we make entirely in-house. By developing our own bearings, we are able to put 32 rolling elements (ball bearings) into each upper and lower cup. That translates to 64 points of contact to handle the hardest impacts - ride after ride after ride.

Our design also allows you to service the bearing yourself using nothing more than a pen-knife and high-quality bearing grease. We machine the aluminum cups that house the bearings to within .0001" for a precise fit with your frame. In 2001, we were among the few companies to develop the onepointfive standard and we believe, now more than ever, in maintaining exacting standards across the industry.

An aluminum bearing cap and stem cap top off this new headset with the biggest stainless steel baseplate you’ll ever see holding it all up on your fork crown.

Our 1.5 NoThreadset does not come stock with a preload retention system. While we believe the star nut is suitable for the applications of our other headsets, the 1.5 has greater demands than the star nut can effectively handle. We have developed our PreLoader™ to specifically handle the preload needs of our 1.5 NoThreadset. The PreLoader™ is sold as a separate item. Please ask your dealer for more details.

The PreLoader installs through the steerer tube of your fork and allows for the proper setting of bearing preload. The PreLoader is compatible with a wide range of bike sizes and fork crown types.

one point five preloader