Chris King InSet™

InSet™ Low-Stack Sealed Bearing Headset

InSet™ is the classic, unbeatable Chris King sealed bearing headset built into six configurations for contemporary bicycle headtube dimensions. As a low-stack style headset, the press-in cups and bearings are housed within the headtube allowing for an overall lower ride height. InSet compatibility can also conform to forks with tapered steerer tubes. Aluminum cups in 9 available colors house our legendary bearings; all made in-house in our Portland, Oregon facility. InSet™ is the unrivaled upgrade for all riding styles.

What bikes are compatible with InSet™?
Lots! For example, InSet™ is official team equipment for Santa Cruz Syndicate, Yeti Factory Team and Team Jamis.

InSet™ is not a proprietary system and is compatible with many models from nearly every worldwide bicycle brand. Many handmade frame builders are also producing models with InSet compatible headtubes. Ask your service advisor or mechanic if InSet is right for you.

*straight or tapered steerer tube compatibility can be changed by swapping baseplates

Every InSet™ sealed bearing headset is user serviceable and carries a ten-year warranty.

See our InSet Specifications Table for head tube measurement details.