Chris King GripNut™

Our GripNut is the outstanding choice for bicycles with threaded forks used without headset spacers or cable hangers. This unique design features a threaded collet positioned inside the adjusting and lock nuts that firmly clamps the fork threads. The result is a headset system with incredible holding power and ease of adjustability.

GripNut is ideal for heavy touring or rough riding conditions. Its design is also a welcome solution for problem forks with damaged or undersized threads and for threaded forks that have been cut too short.

Choose from 9 colors of aluminum GripNut models in three standard sizes (1", 1-1/8" & 1-1/4"). Also, a limited production run of titanium GripNut models is made available each year in 1" size only.

Conversion kits are also available to convert any other same size Chris King headset into a GripNut™.

Special note
The GripNut™ design does not allow for the use of headset spacers or cable hangers. Please refer to the Chris King 2Nut™ if using spacers and/or hangers.