Chris King Devolution™

Our Devolution™ headset solves one tough problem. Or is it two? How to use your new frame with your old fork? What about using your old frame with a new fork? Upgrades and crash replacement can lead to all sorts of combinations and in today’s electronic marketplace, you can buy all sorts of stuff from all sorts of places. Want to do something out of the ordinary? Devolution™ can make it happen.

The Chris King Devolution™ headset allows for the use of a 1" fork with an existing 1-1/8" frame. There are no special adaptors or shims required, a custom bearing cap and baseplate do the work.

We also offer a model for use with 1-1/8" forks and “Evolution”-sized 1-1/4" frames. Again, no shims and no special adaptors here. Devolution™ has the same number of parts as our NoThreadSet™.

Already have a Chris King headset?
Because Chris King headsets share the same cups, a conversion kit is available to transform your current King headset into a Devolution™. We even offer kits to convert a Devolution™ to a NoThreadSet™, a 2Nut™, or a GripNut™.